The Services: garden and park maintenance, green spaces

chamonix multiservices  paysagiste espaces verts entretien jardin maintenanceThe main company provides for everybody
  • Green spaces maintenance: hedge trimming, lawn mowing, clearing, felling, pruning, waste disposal.
  • Landscaped creations: flower beds, plantations, landscaped works (stone low wall, ,borders, pavement...)
  • Landscape consulting: garden conception, drawings

chamonix multiservices service à la personne jardinage bricolage surveillance maintenanceThe company provides, only for private customers, services with taxes reduction, (50 % of the cost of work if you pay french income taxes in France)

chamonix entretien jardin multiservices paysagiste espaces verts maintenance

  • Gardening and maintenance: hedge trimming, clearing, lawn mowing, waste disposal
  • Surveillance and maintenance of your home: opening and closing of the shutters, watering of the plants and of the garden, mails collect, housework and outdoor cleaning.
  • Handwork
  • Snow clearance