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Green spaces, gardener, landscaping, surveillance, maintenance of your home

The main company, founded in 1994, is in Chamonix Mont Blanc.

In 2013, the company is born for offering special services to the private customers.

The first company is competent and skilled for green spaces and lanscape works with all the professionnal certifications (green spaces, lanscape works and phytosanitary), this company works with private personns, professionnals and collectivities.

What we have to offer

The second company works only with private customers and allows them to have a tax reduction if you pay income taxes in France (for 50 % of the cost of the works) for all the works following:

  • Gardening (maintenance, clearing, lawn mowing, hedge trimming)
  • Surveillance, and maintenance of your home (opening and closing of the shutters, watering of the plants and of the garden, mails collect, housework and outdoor cleaning)
  • Handwork
  • Snow clearance
  • House work and maintenance

Rental of apartment (half chalet) with a good location in Chamonix